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Cool Art: World’s Finest ad by Steve Rude & Karl Kesel

3 Dec

by Mike Hansen

Here’s a preliminary version of Steve Rude’s cover to World’s Finest (1990) #1. Unlike the final, painted version by Rude, this ad version is inked by Karl Kesel and traditionally colored.

To the best of my knowledge, this version has never been collected in any DC book: I know for sure it wasn’t in the original 3-issue miniseries or the recent Deluxe Edition hardcover (I’ve never owned the older trade-paperback collected edition, but I’d be surprised if this was in there).

Anyway, cool art, huh? This is pretty much exactly how Superman and Batman should look, especially in comics aimed at kids under 18. (Remember when superhero comics were aimed at kids?)

World's Finest ad

DC New 52: I Read a Whole Lotta BATWOMAN

18 Oct
Batwoman: Elegy

BUY THIS BOOK. Not because you need it to enjoy the new series, but because IT'S REALLY, REALLY GOOD. (Image via Wikipedia)

by Mike Hansen

Batwoman is the best of the New 52 series, by a wide margin.

I finally got around to reading the first Batwoman collection, Elegy, and it is absolutely beautiful in every way. Greg Rucka’s story is one of his best (and that’s saying something). J.H. Williams III continues to up his game with shockingly great artwork in multiple styles (with moody, silhouette-heavy night/action scenes, Bryan Talbot-esque heavy linework in day scenes, and a lovely, simple style for flashbacks – plus a terrific Russ Heath/Dave Gibbons-ish style in one great war scene!). Multiple Eisner Award-winner (and my ex-coworker) Dave Stewart does the work of his career on this series, with absolutely breathtaking coloring throughout: the night/action scenes have wonderful color holds on the linework, with a moody color style that has an almost airbrush quality that I haven’t seen in over a decade in comics (when there were still actual airbrush-paint colorists); some nighttime scenes go even farther with even the linework looking painted and sculpted with color; and other scenes have simply perfect flat color choices that might even surpass Stewart’s work on the Hellboy books. With the addition of legendary letterer Todd Klein’s work, this book is a masterclass in how to do beautiful sequential superhero storytelling. Every creator involved is doing some of their best work, and I WANT MORE.

Luckily for me, the new Batwoman Continue reading

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