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NOW I know why I’m still sick…

19 Jul

by Mike Hansen

Sarah Jean Underwood

(via Wikipedia)

Down at Comic-Con, I walked by the G4 booth right when Attack of the Show co-host Sarah Underwood was doing a signing:

That’s it, I’m mailing her a bill for my Dayquil…

Video: Phoenix Jones in action with the Seattle PD

12 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Real-life super-heroics need to involve heroism in addition to dressing up. I’d say that this might qualify.


(This happened Saturday morning, right down the street from site contributor Orion! He attracts trouble wherever he goes… who knows what shenanigans he’ll create at Comic-Con next month?)

More details in this link

A quick heads-up

7 Jun
Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

(Image via CrunchBase)

by Mike Hansen

UPDATE: It looks like I may have misread this – Facebook is charging for a service to make posts stay in subscribers’ feeds longer. Well, that’s dumb.

HEADS-UP: If I understand this correctly, Facebook has changed the way Pages you “Like” work. They are now requiring pages to pay in order for all their subscribers to see posts (otherwise only about 10% see them). You can make sure you do not miss any All Day Comics updates by going to the official FB page, selecting the “Liked” button, and then selecting “Show in news feed” from the menu that pops up. You can also get updates by signing up for ADC’s RSS feed or following ADC on Twitter.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday…

Move over, Phoenix Jones: Seattle now has a Real-Life Super-Villain: Rex Velvet

4 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Rex Velvet symbolWhile Phoenix Jones and his Rain City Superhero Crime Fighting Movement have been in the news, courts, and comic-cons, it looks like one man has had enough: Rex Velvet, a.k.a. “The People’s Villain,” representing something called the Social Villains Alliance.

Some might find these videos disturbing… I find them hilarious:

So, is Rex Velvet who he says he is? On the one hand, the videos seem to be produced by something called Rocket Launch Productions. On the other… Velvet does drive a DeLorean.

And he did appear on Reddit the other day to answer questions from the public… Continue reading

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