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Stop SOPA & PIPA. Now.

17 Jan

by Mike Hansen

Icon for censorship

Big Media doesn't want you to speak up. (Image via Wikipedia)

The old people in the U.S. government who are regularly bribed by the big media companies are still trying to censor the internet. DON’T LET THEM.

If either bill passes, a whole lot of websites will be either shut down or become broken – including this one.

Click on the ribbon in the corner of this site, and learn you how can help stop this.

While others around the world are fighting to gain their rights, Americans have steadily lost theirs over the last decade. It’s time for this to stop. Send a message that the PEOPLE are in charge, not Big Media!

As a WordPress site, I can’t shut down like many other sites tomorrow. But at least I can spread the word, right? This post took about 5-10 minutes of my life – you can do the same to spread the word and end this madness. YOU HAVE THE POWER.

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