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I saw The Wolverine

11 Aug

by Mike Hansen

The Wolverine argentina

Probably my favorite of the international posters, even if the tagline is as cheesy as U.S. posters: “Fugitive, Hero, Legend.” Really? “Inmortal,” indeed…

They finally got the claws right.

Every X-Men film has its nitpicky moments, giving long-time comics readers like me something to complain about (in the right company). The first couple of X-Men films get a pass, because they were at the very beginning of the superhero-film wave that didn’t really get going until the first Spider-Man movie. Both of them have a lot of good visual and character moments, but watching them now reveals a lot of stuff that would make me cringe if they were made in 2013. The near-franchise killer (despite its initial box-office success) X-Men: The Last Stand is still nearly unwatchable for me, with its odd and pointless creative choices. Likewise X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which clearly owed its limited success to the last bit of goodwill fans had for the material (not to mention the rough cut’s leak, marking the beginning of the end for MegaUpload and making it really damn tough for me to complete my AC/DC bootleg collection – but I digress…).

The Wolverine japan flag teaser

I usually like teaser posters more than later ones. For me, less is more.

X-Men: First Class was a big step back in the right direction, with its bold and ballsy 1960s Cold War setting and the kind of reboot no superhero franchise in any medium had seen yet: nailing down the premise’s origins in a specific time in history, despite the unofficial Marvel “ten-year rule” for its oldest characters (i.e., as of 2013, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man got their powers in 2003 – even though their first appearances were in 1961-1962). This kind of thinking has also led to creative disasters like DC’s New 52 reboot (although one of its few good ideas was Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics featuring the early days of Superman), so it can be a fine line to walk between respecting and adapting source material, and just doing overpaid fan fiction. First Class also had that great, super-brief scene with Wolverine, one of the few times I’ve seen a scene designed as fan service really work. (Will its other choices, like an early furry Beast and using Cyclops’s brother, make sense in the long run? Time will tell…)

The Wolverine samurai

I think this poster was for the Japanese market. I dig it, especially its similarity to the new X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser posters.

The Wolverine has none of the problems of previous X-Men films. It’s a tight story set (mostly) during just a handful of days, some time after the events of The Last Stand (none of which are directly referenced, other than that Wolverine killed Jean Grey and is now haunted by this). The story is mainly Continue reading

Hot Bendy Brokeback Girls: The Modern Artist’s Reference Tool

8 Feb

by Mike Hansen

Apologies for being away for a bit, folks. I’ve had a few back-to-back deadlines for paying (and potentially paying) comics-related work lately (a few Marvel books I got to research, and a script for my first original comics project). More on that soon…

Over the last few months, there’s been renewed controversy over some superhero artists drawing completely unrealistic poses for heroes impossibly bending in midair, from Catwoman to Wolverine. I think I’ve finally found the source for their crazy-ass drawings:

female contortionist 1

“Of course I can maintain this pose in mid-air! Meow!”

female contortionist 2

“Take THAT, office furniture of evil!”

More posts real soon. Stay tuned!

Fun Friday Foto(s)

15 Jun

by Mike Hansen

I found this online the other day, but I can’t remember the source – if anyone knows, feel free to post a comment or email…

Slave Leia Pillow Fight


And one more – because in my Marvel comics, Wolverine always smokes. Always.

Wolverine Smokes


Have a great weekend!

Jeff Alan Polier’s MY FIRST ISSUE… of X-MEN!

7 Oct

Hey guys, Mike here – hope you like Jeff’s remembrances. I miss being a kid and reading comics with un-jaded eyes… sigh… X-Men was the first series I fell in love with – I loved how Chris Claremont and John Byrne fit all of their early Marvel work together (on X-Men, Marvel Team-Up, Champions, Iron Fist, Avengers, etc….) Anyway, here’s Jeff’s latest for you guys – let us know what you think! (And by the way, no, I’m not Jeff’s cousin; there must be another Mike out there – somewhere…!)


My First Issue of X-Men

X-Men 111 cover

Uncanny X-Men #111

June, 1978

            This was another garage sale purchase when I was young. I remember exactly where the house was it came from and that I also bought an issue of Boris Karloff. When I first read this issue, it didn’t make much sense to me. Lots of excitement but I sure didn’t know who these people were or what was going on. Reading it again over two decades later, I at least know who the characters are but still think it’s a bad issue to be someone’s first. It interested me for two reasons. First, my cousin Mike was big into comics and I thought Mike was cool. Second, it was a cool cover.
            The logo (pre-Uncanny) was made to look like a circus playbill with “Now Playing” plastered over it. A carnie barker—Banshee—is announcing the show. “Step right up, ladies and gents—see the strangest show on Earth! Once they were a mighty super-team—now they are mere performing freaks!” Behind him are posters of the acts. “Storm: Goddess of Elements.” “Colossus,” carrying a one-ton weight in one hand while balancing another heavy mass on one finger of his other hand. “Nightcrawler: Man or Monster?” “Wolverine: Killer Beast in Human Form! Savage!” There’s no denying that this Dave Cockrum/Terry Austin cover is thrilling and attention-grabbing.
            “Mindgames!” was Continue reading
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